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Enterprise Security Tech is excited to announce the winners of the Cyber Top Innovations awards, which recognize the very best cybersecurity solutions that are bringing the most innovation to their respective market categories.

Congratulations to our 2023 winners!
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Anvilogic - Anvilogic AI-Driven SOC Platform

Anvilogic is the only platform that uses AI to enhance threat detection and hunting across hybrid/data lake logging platforms, providing a force multiplier for security operation teams within a single platform and allowing them to go from threat to detect in minutes. With proprietary detection and enrichment frameworks, a no-code builder, and visual hunting/triage workflows, Anvilogic is addressing problem in SOCs that no other solution currently solves.

Backslash Security - Backslash Cloud-Native Application Security Solution

The Backslash Cloud-Native Application Security solution is a first-of-its-kind solution purpose-built for AppSec teams to provide unified security and business context to cloud-native code risk, coupled with automated threat modeling, code risk prioritization, and simplified remediation across applications and teams. As a result, your 3-person AppSec no longer struggles to prioritize risks caused by rapid code release from 1000 developers. And in eliminating this struggle, you reduce friction between your developers, who are coding for speed, and your AppSec team, wanting to shift security "left" into the code.

BlueVoyant - BlueVoyant Supply Chain Defense

BlueVoyant is uniquely able to protect against and mitigate supply chain risk with its Supply Chain Defense service, a fully managed solution that not only rapidly identifies threats, but also directly coordinates with vendors to remediate critical cybersecurity issues in client's third-party ecosystem. It is offered as a subscription, with continuous updates. With extensive attack surface management and vulnerability illumination capabilities, BlueVoyant enables clients' third parties to resolve new critical issues at lightning speed.

Corelight - Corelight

Easily deployed and available in on-prem and SaaS-based formats, Corelight combines open source and proprietary technologies to deliver a complete Open Network Detection & Response (NDR) Platform that includes intrusion detection (IDS), network security monitoring and Smart PCAP solutions. Corelight evidence helps elite defenders increase visibility, unlock powerful analytics, and accelerate investigations.

Gurucul - Gurucul Next-Gen SIEM

Gurucul Next-Gen SIEM delivers ultra-high-fidelity detection and automated response with the vital addition of Identity Threat Detection and Response (ITDR). It everages over 2,500 open and customizable Machine Learning Models powered by data science to produce actionable risk intelligence. It doesn’t on signatures, rules, or patterns. It allows organizations to identify zero-day threats in real-time and is designed to provide both contextual and situational awareness to detect and stop malicious behavior before cyber criminals or rogue insiders can do harm.

Kasada - Kasada

Unlike traditional bot management, Kasada defends against automated threats without requiring customers to manage the solution. By offloading automated traffic, cyberattacks are reduced while saving millions in infrastructure, chargebacks, fraud, and overhead. Kasada’s invisible, dynamic defenses provide a seamless user experience and eliminate the need to use ineffective, frustrating CAPTCHAs to prove whether the user is a bot or not. Its invisible challenges increase online conversion rates by 3-5%, compared to CAPTCHAs. Kasada stops over 10 billion requests monthly that are left undetected by legacy bot detection systems, and protects over $130 billion in eCommerce, $10 billion in gift cards, and billions of user accounts.

Raytheon Intelligence & Space - REDPro ZTX

Raytheon Intelligence & Space’s REDPro ZTX (Zero Trust eXtended) is an open, extendable, multi-level Zero Trust security platform for advanced cross-platform cyber defense, deployable at the edge, on premises and in multi-cloud environments. The platform is designed to address multi-vendor integration and interoperability challenges and help organizations of any size jumpstart or accelerate their adoption of Zero Trust security while lowering their technical risk and cost. As a result, organizations can also reduce cyber incident response times and take a more proactive approach to cybersecurity.

Spin.AI - SpinOne

SpinOne reduces the time it takes to assess risk from 2 weeks manually to 5 seconds automatically. SpinOne provides fully-automated and configurable policy creation. SpinOne offers a 2-hour SLA to reduce business downtime from an average of 1 month to less than 2 hours and reduce recovery costs by 90%. SpinOne provides a layered defense to protect SaaS data, including SSPM, SaaS data leak and loss prevention (DLP), and SaaS ransomware detection and response with our 2-hour response SLA. Enterprises use SpinOne to mitigate risk, save time, reduce downtime, and improve compliance.

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