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2022 Tech Ascension Awards Recognize the Most Innovative Cybersecurity Companies

The Tech Ascension Awards recognized the very best innovations in cybersecurity. The Tech Ascension awards judged cybersecurity applicants based on technology innovation, market research, and competitive differentiators. The class-leading vendors that received recognition from the Tech Ascension Awards showcased technology that solves critical industry challenges and produces invaluable business outcomes for their customers.

“Organizations are now tasked with navigating the extreme security challenges of new remote and hybrid work environments while combatting a surge in emerging advanced threats,” said David Campbell, CEO, Tech Ascension Awards. “These recognized security industry leaders are producing innovative technology and services to drive cyber forward in a truly evolving digital environment.”

Check out the list of the 2022 Tech Ascension Awards cybersecurity category winners below. Congratulations to all of our winners on standing above the rest.

Most Innovative Security Solution Forescout Technologies, Inc.

Best SecOps SolutionSwimlane

Best Cloud Security SolutionSkyhigh Security

Best Network Security SolutionCorelight

Best Identity Management SolutionKeeper Security


Best AI/Machine Learning/Autonomous SolutionOrdr

Best Application Security SolutionCheckmarx

Best Email Security SolutionPerception Point

Best Endpoint Security SolutionSyxsense


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