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2023 Cybersecurity Predictions: A Shake up of Traditional Network Security Strategy Is Coming

This post is part of our 2023 prediction series.

Jaye Tillson, Axis Security

Jaye Tillson, Field CTO at Axis Security

"The average enterprise uses around 75 security tools, depending on the survey. When it comes secure enterprise access, 2023 will be a decisive year.

The legacy approaches of connecting employees and third parties to enterprise resources was centered around Virtual Private Networks (VPN), Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), and Remote Desktop Service (RDS). Beyond that, there are a host of perimeter-based appliances such as Firewall, Secure Web Gateways and Cloud Access Security Brokers.

IT leaders will look to replace traditional network security appliances in an attempt to better protect data, deliver a better experience and reduce costs for the business.

SSE services that are fully cloud-delivered help IT avoid renewing contracts for disparate network security services like VPN, firewalls, or secure web gateway appliances. In some cases, the SSE service charges are based on a per-user, per-year, subscription. This makes it easy for IT to prevent expenditures while avoiding issues with high bandwidth costs, or management of appliances. They can then look to consolidate contracts by selecting a single SSE vendor that can provide ZTNA, SWG and CASB."



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