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2023 Cybersecurity Predictions: Behavioral Monitoring Will Become More Important

This post is part of our 2023 cybersecurity prediction series.

Michael Crouse, Forcepoint

Mike Crouse, Director for Enterprise User and Data Protection at Forcepoint Global Governments and Critical Infrastructure

The definition of insider risk will change.

Insider risk can lead to breaches and acts of espionage, but it can also include negative behavior that impacts both individuals and their colleagues. In 2023, organizations must adapt their approaches to insider risk to accommodate this new definition. They will need to adopt dynamic monitoring programs that measure the pulse of the organization in addition to preventing data loss prevention.

Continuous behavioral monitoring will become even more important.

Organizations will need to expand continuous evaluation and user activity monitoring practices to account for changing user behavior patterns, similar to what the U.S. Department of Defense is doing with its continuous vetting program and recent focus on expanding User Activity Monitoring activities. Continuous behavior monitoring allows organizations to monitor fluctuations in users’ behavior patterns and compare them to their baseline behaviors. Right now, this is being used mainly to tell if a person is accessing information in an unusual manner. But in 2023 and beyond, continuous behavior monitoring will also be useful in gauging unusual behavioral patterns that go well beyond how a person is accessing organizational data and systems.

Petko Stoyanov, Forcepoint

Petko Stoyanov, Global Chief Technology Officer, Forcepoint

The perimeter is not dead, it just moved. It relocated from the network, where it used to be for decades, to where your data lives today. As security and business executives seek greater control over their data in 2023 and years to come, we expect organizations to continue consolidating security capabilities and move toward unification and simplicity, driven by the evolution of multi-clouds.



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