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2023 Cybersecurity Predictions: Cyber Risk Management Will Be a Top Priority for Business Leaders

This post is part of our 2023 cybersecurity prediction series.

Karen Worstell, VMware

Karen Worstell, Senior Cybersecurity Strategist, VMware

Cyber risk management will be a top priority for business leaders.

When it comes to the governance and oversight of cyber risk, our system is broken. It’s no longer what it used to be fifteen years ago - we are dealing with higher stakes and fragile corporate reputations. As a result of this, in 2023, we will see companies double down on cyber risk management. Boards will need to have a much clearer role and responsibility when it comes to the process of ensuring adequate controls and reporting cyberattacks. Cyber risk governance is not just the domain of the CISO it is now clearly a Director and Officer level concern. When it comes to cyber, plausible deniability is dead.

Rick McElroy, VMware

Rick McElroy, Principal Cybersecurity Strategist, VMware

Healthcare will continue to be top targets for cybercriminals in 2023.

With telemedicine becoming the norm, ransomware and deepfake attacks on the healthcare industry will continue in 2023. As increased amounts of people turn to telehealth to connect with healthcare professionals, have prescriptions filled and file their healthcare records, the door for fraud is left wide open for attackers to strike. As healthcare becomes increasingly politicized, dark web activity and ransom demands will continue to rise as data becomes a goldmine for attackers. Attackers will aim to use this data in a way that is harmful to both the organization and the patients at hand. Adversaries know that if they want to inflict pain on an organization, targeting a hospital is the best route for destruction as a patient's life is on the line.



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