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2023 Cybersecurity Predictions: Multi-Cloud Environments Will Widen Security Gaps

This is part of our 2023 cybersecurity predictions series.

Eyal Arazi, Radware

Eyal Arazi, Senior Security Solution Lead, Radware, shares his 2023 cybersecurity predictions on cloud security and multi-cloud environments. ‘Cloud’ Security and ‘Cyber’ Security Will Become Synonymous

Organizations are no longer moving to the cloud. They are already there. For that reason, 2023 may just be the year that cloud security becomes synonymous with cyber security. According to Radware’s 2022 Application Security in a Multi-Cloud World report, 99% of organizations now deploy applications in public cloud environments. Public cloud usage has become ubiquitous. In fact, once organizations migrate to the public cloud, adoption doesn’t stop there. The majority of organizations deploy applications across more than one cloud environment. For instance, organizations using three or more cloud environments increased in the past 12 months from 13% to 21% and that’s expected to rise to 25% a year from now.

The reality is since most applications are now deployed in the cloud, protecting those applications and workloads will no longer be a dedicated or separate discipline within cybersecurity. Instead, it will simply be cyber security as the line between ‘cloud’ security and general ‘cyber’ security continues to blur.

Multi-Cloud Environments Will Widen Security Gaps that can be Weaponized in Cyberattacks

Security teams will face even more pressure in 2023 as multi-cloud environments produce bigger complexities and widen security gaps. The fact is as organizations increase the number of cloud platforms they use, they also will increase their risk and chance of data exposure and breach. According to Radware’s 2022 Application Security in a Multi-Cloud World report, 70% of respondents are not confident in their ability to apply consistent and robust application security across multiple cloud environments. So, it shouldn’t be surprising that 69% of respondents acknowledged that they knew about data breaches or exposures due to variations in how application security was configured across different cloud platforms. In 2023, organizations should be prepared to face a mix of problems across multi-cloud environments, including inconsistent security policies, fragmented security coverage, and disparate management interfaces and dashboards.

With the overall trust in public clouds declining, organizations need to carefully consider how they are going to raise the bar around their security defenses during 2023. ###


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