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Allure Security Licenses Deepfake Image Technology Developed by CTM Insights

Allure Security announced they will integrate unique image checking technology developed by cybersecurity research lab and incubator CTM Insights. Augmenting Allure Security’s array of machine learning algorithms focused on routing out online brand impersonation attacks with CTM Insights’ technology will further enhance Allure Security’s ability to find more fake websites, social media accounts and mobile apps earlier than competing alternatives.

“Our patent pending approach helps solve the growing problem of deepfakes that are becoming more disruptive to society,” said Lou Steinberg, founder and Managing Partner of CTM Insights and former Chief Technology Officer at TD Ameritrade. “We are able to check to see if a photo is a known ‘bad’ image even if the image was changed. While Allure Security is licensing the software to detect fake websites, the core of this technology can be used to combat other issues like child pornography and fake news.”

Consumers are often tricked by phishing emails that take them to a fake website that steals log-in credentials, payment data, or other personal information. This can result in identity theft and fraud, costing billions of dollars at e-commerce sites and financial institutions around the globe. Images on the fake websites sometimes have minuscule changes to confuse automated detection engines. The high-performance technology developed by CTM Insights showed 97% accuracy in real-world testing, even with changed images.

“Bad actors know how to work around existing systems by changing image fingerprints so they can go undetected,” said Josh Shaul, CEO of Allure Security. “We were impressed by the performance and accuracy of this approach, which helps our customers stay one step ahead.”

Regulators, like Ofcom in the UK, have already told tech firms they need to do a better job of combating deepfakes or risk fines. “We think more global regulators will demand better solutions that can combat the growing problem of deepfakes,” added Steinberg.



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