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Anvilogic Raises $45 Million in Series C to Expand AI-Driven Security Operations

Anvilogic, recognized as the industry’s inaugural multi-data platform SIEM, announced today the successful closure of a $45 million Series C funding round. With this latest influx, the total capital raised by the company since its 2019 inception totals $85 million. The round was spearheaded by Evolution Equity Partners and saw contributions from a cohort of returning investors including Foundation Capital, Cervin Ventures, and others. This funding round aims to broaden the generative AI capabilities of Anvilogic’s system for varied use cases throughout the entire Security Operations Center (SOC) lifecycle and to amplify its market penetration strategies.

"Anvilogic's solution helps security teams reduce risk while cutting SIEM costs. Its innovative multi-data platform approach is a game changer for SOCs," said Karthik Subramanian, General Partner at Evolution Equity Partners. He praised the Anvilogic team for its vision and the technological innovation that has greatly benefited its customers, particularly in the age of AI.

Traditional SIEM systems often struggle with high costs and limited scalability, particularly in an era where enterprises are increasingly cloud-based. This results in significant amounts of security-relevant data being omitted from analyses due to prohibitive costs, thereby increasing business risk. Anvilogic addresses these challenges by decoupling security analytics from traditional logging platforms, allowing teams to continue using existing SIEM systems while integrating more scalable and cost-effective data lakes for enhanced analytics.

Since its Series B in 2022, Anvilogic has quadrupled its growth by aiding numerous customers in overcoming the traditional constraints of SIEM systems, which often lead to detection gaps and inflated costs. The company’s solutions enable security leaders to adopt modern data stacks without the disruption of existing processes, yielding substantial cost savings.

"We're in an era where data is the new oil," remarked Roland Costea, CISO of Enterprise Cloud Services at SAP. He hailed the onset of a new SIEM era driven by cost-effective, scalable data lakes that serve as the core of security architectures, where security analytics are conducted directly on data sources. Costea credits Anvilogic with significantly automating SAP's security operations and advancing the multi-data platform SIEM experience.

Moreover, Anvilogic recently introduced the second generation of its detection engineering copilot, Monte Copilot, now available in beta. This enhancement extends its capabilities to include threat hunting and alert investigation, further accelerating the workflow of security analysts.

Karthik Kannan, CEO and founder of Anvilogic, reflected on the industry's enthusiasm for transitioning to data lake strategies to mitigate legacy SIEM costs. "To raise this growth round at this moment in time is a validation of our multi-data platform approach and success in the enterprise market," Kannan said, emphasizing the company’s commitment to modernizing security operations across increasingly diverse data platforms and scenarios.


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