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AttackIQ's Security Optimization Platform Approved by US General Services Administration

AttackIQ, the leading breach and attack simulation (BAS) solutions vendor, announced today that its AttackIQ Security Optimization Platform has been approved by the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) and is now available for purchase through Four Inc.'s GSA Federal Schedule. This approval enables federal customers to enhance their cyberdefenses more efficiently by leveraging streamlined procurement processes and access to a trusted and authorized vendor.

The AttackIQ Security Optimization Platform operates adversary emulations aligned with the MITRE ATT&CK framework, testing security programs and providing real-time performance data on how well cyberdefense teams and technologies perform against adversaries. Government agencies can leverage this data to identify misconfigurations, detect security coverage gaps, and optimize their defenses against the most relevant threats.

Chris Wilkinson, EVP of Platform Sales at Four Inc., expressed enthusiasm about making AttackIQ available on the GSA Schedule, stating that this collaboration strengthens their ability to offer comprehensive cybersecurity solutions that provide visibility into security control performance and improve decision-making.

The approval comes at a time when government agencies face challenges in obtaining quality, timely, and accurate risk data. The National Cybersecurity Strategy emphasizes outcomes-based effectiveness, and both the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) and the Department of Defense (DoD) have recommended conducting automated testing using MITRE ATT&CK to validate cyber defenses.

Jonathan Reiber, VP of Cybersecurity Strategy and Policy at AttackIQ, highlighted the significance of the collaboration with Four Inc., stating that it allows them to support the government on a larger scale and contribute to specific initiatives. AttackIQ's expertise, combined with Four Inc.'s distribution capabilities and access to contract vehicles, enables government agencies to achieve a higher level of security assurance.

AttackIQ is already deployed in over a dozen U.S. government agencies and organizations, including military branches, the intelligence community, defense agencies, and civilian agencies. As the only vendor that enables testing of AI and machine learning cyberdefense technologies at scale, AttackIQ remains vendor-neutral, ensuring the absence of conflicts of interest with customers' existing tools.

By making the AttackIQ Security Optimization Platform accessible through GSA, the company aims to deliver timely and cost-effective cybersecurity solutions to federal clients, further bolstering their cyber defenses in an evolving threat landscape.



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