Bastille Networks: We Detect And Locate Compromised Cell Phones From Pegasus Spyware

Bastille Networks, the leader in enterprise threat detection through software-defined radio, states that their solution Bastille Enterprise provides corporations and agencies the ability to discover, locate, and mitigate radio borne threats from the Pegasus Spyware.

Pegasus “Spyware” shows that a remote attacker can activate the camera and microphone on any cell phone to exfiltrate conversations or video meetings. NSO Group, the Israeli maker of Pegasus, claims that their system is designed never to attack a phone with a U.S. phone number. However, findings suggest that Pegasus has exploited phones on U.S. soil which had overseas numbers.

We spoke with Chris Risley, CEO at Bastille Networks, to discuss Pegasus in more detail and how their solution works to detect and locate compromised mobile devices.

Is Pegasus Spyware rare? Or has this type of malware been around for a while?

Pegasus is just the best known version of cell phone spyware. Because Pegasus comes from a commercial firm in Israel, it courts some publicity to better sell its product. Many of the makers of spyware, especially nation-states, keep their capabilities entir

ely secret but that spyware is still out there, infecting phones.