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Cleo Unveils Major Update to its Integration Cloud Platform, Bolstering Supply Chain Security

Cleo, an Ecosystem Integration software provider, has recently announced a significant update to its Cleo Integration Cloud (CIC) platform. This update is strategically designed to assist Chief Information Officers (CIOs) and IT leadership in enhancing their supply chain security, thereby reducing risks associated with connecting and transacting within their B2B ecosystems.

Addressing Growing Security Concerns in Supply Chain Networks

In recent years, CIOs and technology executives have faced increasing challenges due to security threats like malware and ransomware, as well as instability in supplier and sourcing networks. These concerns are compounded by the rising expectations of customers and trading partners. Cleo's latest platform update responds to these challenges by offering a modern integration platform that focuses on compliance, privacy, security, and scalability. This enables enterprises to proactively manage risks that could disrupt supply chain operations.

Cleo's Three-Pillar Approach to Risk Management

Cleo's updated platform targets three critical areas of enterprise supply chain risk management: Compliance & Privacy, Identity Access and Control, and Certificate Management. This approach is designed to empower CIOs and IT executives to better manage the risks inherent in supply chain operations.

Enhanced Compliance and Privacy Features

Cleo has achieved several certifications and attestations, underscoring its commitment to compliance and privacy. These include ISO-27001 for information security management, SOC 2 and SOC 3 for data security, and Drummond Certification for secure data exchange. Furthermore, Cleo has adapted to the evolving legal landscape, such as the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), ensuring data compliance across various state-level mandates.

Robust Identity and Access Control Framework

Cleo's update includes a comprehensive framework for identity and access control, employing best practices such as OAuth 2.0 for secure data access, robust data integrity algorithms, enhanced encryption for data-in-transit, and Single Sign-On (SSO) integration. These features enhance the security and transparency of data transactions within the supply chain.

Advanced Certificate Management Capabilities

The Cleo Integration Cloud now boasts improved certificate management features, offering users ease of use and enhanced security. This includes the ability to generate X509 certificates and SSH/PGP key pairs, and bolstered infrastructure security to ensure trust and avoid duplications.

A Strong Commitment to Supply Chain Security

Mahesh Rajasekharan, President and CEO of Cleo, emphasized the importance of robust security in the interconnected supply chain ecosystem. "Supply chain ecosystems are complex and dynamic...In an interconnected digital system, your supply chain is often only as secure as your weakest link,” he said. Rajasekharan highlighted Cleo's commitment to strengthening security and risk management capabilities across the CIC platform in response to the rise in targeted malware, ransomware, and phishing attacks.

A Forward-Looking Step for Supply Chain Resilience

Cleo's latest update to its Integration Cloud platform represents a forward-looking step in enhancing the resilience and security of supply chain operations. By focusing on critical areas such as compliance, identity management, and certificate management, Cleo is positioning itself and its customers to better navigate the increasingly complex and risk-prone digital landscape of global supply chains.


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