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CloudWave Introduces CloudCare+ to Streamline Patching and Enhance Cybersecurity for Healthcare IT

CloudWave, a leading expert in healthcare data security, has unveiled CloudCare+, a fully-managed patching service specifically designed to alleviate the burden of systems maintenance on healthcare IT. Regularly patching vulnerabilities is crucial to ensure the security of healthcare IT systems and deliver high-quality patient care. However, healthcare IT departments face numerous challenges in scheduling and conducting maintenance, including staffing shortages, budget cuts, inefficient patching processes, and downtime.

A recent report issued by the Department of Health and Human Services in collaboration with the Health Sector Coordinating Council revealed that 96% of hospitals operate with systems and software programs that have known vulnerabilities. Further research indicated that 57% of hospitals affected by cyberattacks believed that those breaches could have been prevented if they had installed available patches.

CloudCare+ offers a proven patch maintenance strategy to help healthcare enterprises prevent cyberattacks, performance slowdowns, and compliance issues. The service provides a skilled team that follows a structured process throughout the entire patching cycle. This allows healthcare IT teams to adopt a hands-off approach to maintenance while CloudWave ensures compliance and safeguards the environment against cyber threats.

Mark Middleton, Chief Cloud Officer of CloudWave, highlighted the significance of addressing unpatched vulnerabilities, which are frequently exploited by cybercriminals. With CloudCare+, customers can focus on protecting patients and ensuring the security of critical systems and data, while CloudWave handles the patching process using a structured change management approach.

CloudCare+ offers several key features for healthcare IT:

  1. Customized Scheduling: Users can select a cadence for the CloudCare+ maintenance cycle, providing a designated window for maintenance to occur.

  2. Tailored System Assessment: Each healthcare IT environment is unique, and CloudCare+ conducts a comprehensive evaluation and inventory of the entire system to address specific needs.

  3. Comprehensive Management: CloudCare+ not only ensures the security and compliance of critical operating systems but also patches and maintains hundreds of third-party applications.

  4. Maintenance Events: CloudWave's skilled service agents handle the entire patching process, including downloading updates, pre-patching, and executing the full event.

  5. Communication and Support: CloudWave's CloudCare Center, staffed in the U.S., offers helpline and engineering resources available 24x7x365. CloudCare service agents provide scheduled reminders and success/failure reporting throughout the maintenance cycle.

CloudCare+ enables healthcare organizations to streamline the patching process, ensuring the security and stability of their IT systems while freeing up valuable resources for patient care.



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