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Coalfire Bundles SaaS Technology, Expert Guidance into Compliance Essentials Solution

Global cybersecurity pioneer Coalfire today unveiled the next generation in compliance management and automation with its new platform-enabled Compliance Essentials solution. The integrated solution marks the industry's most advanced combination of SaaS technology, expert guidance, and audit services to meet rapidly growing demand for simplified and continuous compliance insights and improved outcomes.

Compliance Essentials is a major upgrade to Coalfire's legacy assessment hub, CoalfireOne, delivering breakthrough performance capabilities and project management functionality. Coalfire estimates internal compliance spend reduction up to 40% for its large enterprise clients dealing with unprecedented complexity and escalating compliance obligation burdens.

Built and backed by nearly 600 assessors and advisors and more than one million project hours, Compliance Essentials is designed to help companies quickly achieve a state of proactivity and visibility within today's cloud and multi-framework environments, and to respond faster to accelerating go-to-market pressures.

"With the proliferation of regulatory frameworks and the danger of remaining mired in point-in-time compliance practices, the costs and risks are becoming unsustainable for the modern enterprise," said Dixon Wright, vice president of product management at Coalfire. "Compliance Essentials is the result of years of technical research and software investment, combined with the world's most experienced assessment and advisory team. This hybrid offering defines the advancement in compliance transformation by automating continuous control and visibility along the entire compliance journey."

The subscription-based compliance management and automation platform simplifies workflows, policy management, program visibility, assessments, and risk management, and covers all major frameworks including PCI, SOC, ISO, HIPAA, HITRUST, FedRAMP, NIST, and more.

Compliance Essentials streamlines audit cycles by eliminating peaks and valleys of traditional assessment workflows and provides real-time dashboards and reporting for the growing cadre of stakeholders responsible for enterprise compliance and risk management.

"Companies are entering new markets faster than ever, stricter compliance obligations are escalating in complexity and cost, and the process has become extremely chaotic and unwieldy. Our research surprisingly shows that 50% of companies still use simple spreadsheets to manage compliance programs and timelines while others leverage traditional GRC tools using generic and irrelevant or highly customized, time-consuming data," said Coalfire Chief Customer Officer Adam Shnider. "Coalfire Compliance Essentials is the new approach to simplifying, and finally demystifying, the black box of compliance."

Building on its 20-year track record of innovation in compliance, the Compliance Essentials solution transforms how leaders approach compliance.

Coalfire conducts more than 2,000 compliance assessments every year, and remains:

  • The largest FedRAMP advisor and Third-Party Assessment Organization (3PAO) supporting more than 70% of the entire assessment, advisory, and engineering marketplace

  • The nation's largest PCI Qualified Security Assessor and US-based ISO team

  • The number-one HITRUST external assessor



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