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Code42, SentinelOne Partner to Bring Powerful Insider Threat Investigation Capabilities to Customers

Insider risk management leader, Code42, has partnered with cybersecurity firm SentinelOne to integrate the Code42 Incydr solution with SentinelOne's Singularity Platform. The integration will offer users increased visibility over sensitive data and expand response capabilities in the event of an insider threat incident. Incydr offers a range of response controls to address the spectrum of data risk events it detects, allowing organisations to reduce employee-driven data risk effectively and efficiently.

The partnership with SentinelOne will expand Incydr's response capabilities by enabling security analysts to detect and prioritise risk to data and speed insider threat response. SentinelOne's network isolation capability will prevent the exfiltration of data while an investigation is taking place by stopping an employee's device from communicating with the internet.

The integration is simple to deploy and manage and offers customers additional detection, investigation, and response synergies with their security tooling. The specific benefits of this integration include detecting insider threats, containing data risk, and saving security time by speeding up response time and automating device isolation in response to critical severity events.


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