Confluera Launches Cloud eXtended Detection and Response Solution

Confluera, the leading provider of next-generation cloud detection and response, today announced the launch of the company’s Cloud eXtended Detection and Response (CxDR) solution to protect cloud-native environments from modern threats. Confluera CxDR represents the next-generation detection and response solution as a SaaS, but also purpose-built to address the unique threats in the cloud.

The company’s CxDR solution brings together the best security capabilities from the otherwise silo-ed category of solutions; threat detection, threat analytics, and cloud security. The layered solution includes Confluera’s proven signal analytics from multiple sources such as APIs, third party intelligence, and Confluera’s patented real-time threat storyboarding capability. Confluera CxDR reduces the industry average time to detect and mitigate advanced attacks from months down to hours while also reducing the need for personnel with highly specialized cybersecurity expertise.

“Navigating the modern threat landscape requires a modern approach to cloud security,” said Jack Roehrig, Chief Information Security Officer at Turnitin. “With rapid detection and response built on cloud-native architecture, Confluera gives us confidence that we can mitigate cyberattacks before they can do any harm.”

“Despite the recent innovations in the detection and response industry, organizations continue to play catch up to protect themselves against modern cloud cyberthreats,” said John Morgan, CEO of Confluera. “With Confluera CxDR, we are evolving cloud security beyond other solutions today, providing organizations the intelligence, accuracy and context – all in real-time - to stop threats.”

Confluera CxDR provides several key features and capabilities needed to combat today’s modern threats including:

  • Real-time threat storyboarding – Threat storyboarding is often considered a post-breach exercise to piece together a series of events to make sense of how a breach was executed and what assets were compromised. Acting on this post-breach analysis is not sufficient. The Confluera team designed their threat storyboarding to be real-time so organizations can have enough time to stop the attack before it leads to damages.

  • Decrease in false positives – Today, security analysts investigate too many alerts, most of which are false positives. Confluera stitches together the entire cyberattack sequence of events, in real-time, as the attack is progressing. The risk evaluation is done across the entire attacker sequence of events. This automated output greatly reduces ‘noise’ and increases the capacity and efficiency of the security team.

  • Protection against cloud-native threats – The benefit of the cloud brings with it new security challenges. Cloud represents a far greater attack surface, with the very nature of the cloud limiting analyst visibility, often resulting in more severe consequences. Confluera is born in the cloud to address the unique challenges of the cloud.