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Cultivating a Culture of Cybersecurity Vigilance: Breaking the Silence

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

There is a critical need for organizations to cultivate an open and supportive environment for their employees in the face of cyber threats.

George Gerchow, Sumo Logic

George Gerchow, CSO and SVP of IT, Sumo Logic, shared why organizations need a security team partner that encourages transparency:

“A recent report revealed that just 52% of employees report cyberattacks, with nearly half of those employees citing "fear of repercussion" as the main driver behind keeping scams a secret. Fear should never be a reason for cyberattacks to run rampant in an organization. As we observe Cybersecurity Awareness Month, we should discuss the importance of creating an open and supportive environment for employees who fall victim to cyberattacks.

To achieve this, organizations need an approachable security team or SOC that encourages vulnerability and transparency. If an employee is phished or encounters a scam, they should feel comfortable consulting their security team and their requests for help or guidance should be welcomed. At the same time, employees must take an active role in supporting their organization's security by participating in cyber risk trainings and monitoring for potential scams. By having an approachable security team focused on inclusion, organizations can create a culture of hyper-security awareness, combined with a community dedicated to security collaboration to protect against today’s evolving threats.”



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