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Perception Point's CTO: Custom Bots Will Craft Social Engineering Attacks in 2024

As the world braces for the cybersecurity challenges of 2024, Tal Zamir, CTO of Perception Point, a leading advanced threat protection provider, offers five predictions that shed light on the growing impact of AI in cyberattacks and the innovative defenses expected to emerge in response.

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Tal Zamir, CTO of Perception Point

Custom ChatGPT-like Bots

Bots will craft increasingly convincing social engineering attacks.

Guarding against adversarial prompts in LLM-powered services

Carefully crafted prompts can manipulate systems, and we will see a crop of startups to combat this issue.

AI-Driven Automation in Cyber Attack Campaigns

Attackers will enhance their operations through AI, extending to email attack campaigns and the identification of vulnerabilities in cloud infrastructure.

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