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CyberCX Strengthens Global Cyber Security Efforts as Newest Member of Cyber Threat Alliance

In a significant development for the cyber security landscape, CyberCX, a leading provider of cyber security and cloud services, has officially joined the ranks of the Cyber Threat Alliance (CTA). The CTA is a global consortium of top cyber security organizations working collaboratively to enhance the global cyber ecosystem.

CyberCX's participation in the alliance brings a notable uplift in cyber intelligence capabilities contributed from Australia and New Zealand to the global group. As only the second organization from the region to attain membership with the CTA, CyberCX adds valuable expertise to the collective efforts.

The primary objective of the alliance is to enable real-time sharing of cyber security information among its 36 member organizations, with a focus on advancing the security of critical infrastructure and promoting the integrity, availability, and efficiency of information systems worldwide.

Alastair MacGibbon, Chief Strategy Officer at CyberCX, emphasized the timeliness of this announcement, highlighting the complex cyber challenges faced by organizations in Australia, New Zealand, and globally. He stressed the importance of international partnerships between like-minded organizations in the ongoing battle against cyber threats.

MacGibbon stated, "At a time when the global threat landscape continues to deteriorate, international partnerships between like-minded organizations protecting customers at the cyber frontlines will prove increasingly crucial to improve our resilience and deter emboldened threat actors. The CTA serves an incredibly important mission in this context, and CyberCX is proud to play our part in this global effort, strengthening the sharing of high-value, real-time threat intelligence to and from the Australia and New Zealand region."

Katherine Mansted, Director of Cyber Intelligence at CyberCX, expressed the significance of the alliance membership, emphasizing the recognition of CyberCX's globally valuable intelligence generation. She highlighted the unique focus of the CyberCX Intelligence team on the Australia and New Zealand cyber threat landscape and the privilege of sharing their specialized insights and research with like-minded organizations worldwide.

Mansted added, "Importantly, CyberCX's representation in the CTA will also be enormously beneficial for our customers across Australia and New Zealand, who will gain greater visibility of the global cyber threat landscape as we access real-time intelligence from our Alliance partners."

The Cyber Threat Alliance consists of renowned organizations in the global cyber security arena, including Palo Alto Networks, Symantec, Cisco, McAfee, and AT&T Alien Labs. Michael Daniel, President and CEO of the Cyber Threat Alliance, expressed excitement about CyberCX's inclusion, emphasizing the unique insights the Australian company brings from the region. He noted that CyberCX's contributions to the alliance will enhance the shared data and further contribute to building a global trust community.

With CyberCX's induction into the Cyber Threat Alliance, the collective effort to strengthen cyber security measures and combat evolving threats receives a significant boost, paving the way for improved resilience and protection in the global cyber landscape.



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