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Cyberint and Cyware Unite to Fortify Threat Intelligence Capabilities

Cyberint, a prominent player in impactful intelligence solutions, is excited to unveil its integration with Cyware, a leading provider of comprehensive threat intelligence management and cyber fusion solutions. This dynamic partnership equips organizations with the means to access contextual threat intelligence seamlessly, elevate their threat-hunting prowess, and automate collaborative responses to potential cyberattacks.

The collaboration merges Cyware's advanced functionalities with Cyberint's rich deep and dark web intelligence, yielding a robust framework that allows organizations to establish connections across security incidents, expedite response times, and enhance overall security readiness.

Shahar Kodraty, Head of Technical Alliances at Cyware, emphasized the collaborative benefits: "By uniting Cyware's prowess with Cyberint's extensive deep and dark web insights, we empower organizations to bridge security gaps, diminish response timelines, and enhance their security resilience. Together, our impact in the battle against cyber threats extends to global enterprises, government bodies, and managed security service providers (MSSPs)."

In this strategic partnership, Cyberint's web intelligence integrates seamlessly with Cyware's Threat Intel Exchange product. This amalgamation enables customers to:

  • Detect potential threats at an early stage through streamlined deep and dark web insights.

  • Access contextual threat intelligence to bolster security tools, threat research, blocklists, and threat-hunting endeavors.

  • Pool threat intelligence from diverse sources for a comprehensive view of threat patterns.

  • Automatically disseminate critical intelligence to all stakeholders.

  • Proactively devise detection rules and automate response protocols, mitigating the risk of successful attacks.

Yochai Corem, CEO of Cyberint, noted the significance of this partnership: "Our collaboration with Cyware empowers organizations to harness the potency of streamlined deep and dark web intelligence, fortifying their security stance and ensuring continuous external safeguards against cyber threats."

According to the companies, the partnership is poised to redefine threat intelligence strategies and elevate cybersecurity safeguards for a broad spectrum of entities. ###


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