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Darktrace and Garland Technology Announce Collaboration to Enhance Cybersecurity in Industrial Environments

Darktrace, a leader in cybersecurity AI, and Garland Technology, a key manufacturer of network solutions, have announced a new partnership aimed at bolstering the defense of complex industrial environments against cyber threats. This collaboration integrates Darktrace/OT™ with Garland Technology’s network visibility solutions, promising seamless deployments and comprehensive network visibility in operational technology (OT) environments.

Addressing Rising Security Risks in Industrial and Critical Infrastructure

The partnership comes at a crucial time, as industrial environments and critical infrastructure face increasing security risks. The monetization of OT attacks, exposure of Industrial Control Systems (ICS) to open networks, and the convergence of IT and OT systems are amplifying the opportunities for threat actors. With the anticipated growth in industrial IoT (IIoT) devices, reaching an estimated 37 billion connections by 2025, there is a pressing need for enhanced security measures.

Seamless Integration for Enhanced Protection

Garland's Network TAPs and Aggregators, combined with Darktrace/OT, are designed to provide swift and efficient visibility and security across OT, IT, and IIoT networks to Purdue level 1. This level includes crucial devices such as programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and remote terminal units (RTUs). The integration of Garland’s network TAP solutions with Darktrace minimizes deployment challenges in complex environments, enhances the detection of potential threats, and maintains data integrity.

Leveraging Darktrace’s Self-Learning AI

Darktrace/OT utilizes Self-Learning AI to learn the intricacies of an organization's unique OT systems. This technology offers increased visibility and detects subtle deviations, enabling the early thwarting of threats. Darktrace also provides a unified view of both IT and OT environments, crucial for organizations managing the convergence of these systems.

Denise Walter, Chief Revenue Officer at Darktrace, commented on the collaboration: "Darktrace has applied its Self-Learning AI to protect complex OT environments since 2014, helping our customers bridge the gap between IT and OT security. Together with Garland Technology, we can protect an even wider and more complex set of industrial environments."

Garland Technology’s Expertise in Network Visibility

Garland Technology’s network TAP solutions are tailored for industrial networks. They ensure secure access and monitoring of network traffic, crucial for uninterrupted business operations. Many of Garland’s solutions include data diode technology, which enforces unidirectional data flow to reduce the risk of external cyber attacks.

Chris Bihary, CEO & Co-Founder of Garland Technology, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership: "We're excited about this new partnership with Darktrace to work hand in hand in protecting complex industrial environments around the world."


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