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Data Privacy Day Highlights: Scrutinize Internal Systems and How They Handle Data

Experts shared how the industry can move forward in Data Privacy - beyond Data Privacy Day 2023.

Rehan Jalil, Securiti

Rehan Jalil, President and CEO at Securiti

As cyberattacks continue to evolve – in number, scope and sophistication – Data Privacy Day serves as a reminder to organizations to shore up their security strategies and ensure appropriate privacy controls are in place. To ensure the valuable data that organizations store in their internal ecosystems is properly protected, they must implement a thorough and effective approach to privacy. This starts with an accurate understanding of what personal data is stored across the various data systems within an organization. Next is understanding the privacy laws that apply to their employees and customers in any given region. It is further critical that organizations implement formal policies and procedures to properly govern this sensitive data and honor privacy rights of individuals.

As we reflect on this year’s Data Privacy Day motto - ‘STOP. THINK. CONNECT.’ – organizations must pay special attention to their current cybersecurity controls and ensure their security teams have the tools they need to be successful. Robust platforms that offer sensitive data intelligence, data security posture management, data access governance, data breach management, data subject rights and a full suite of PrivacyOps capabilities are any organization’s best bet for a holistic and unified approach to comply with regulatory requirements.


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