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Deepwatch Unveils Threat Signal: A Proactive Approach to Cyber Resilience

Deepwatch, a leader in managed security solutions, has introduced Threat Signal, a new service dedicated to enhancing enterprise cybersecurity. This innovative offering aims to proactively identify and mitigate advanced cyber threats, thereby bolstering an organization's resilience against evolving digital risks.

Threat Signal stands out by adopting an "outside-in" approach, examining an organization's external digital footprint from an attacker's perspective. This unique methodology is crucial for identifying and addressing vulnerabilities that conventional security measures might overlook. By simulating the tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) of cyber adversaries, Threat Signal provides a comprehensive analysis of potential attack vectors and system weaknesses.

Key features of Threat Signal include:

  • Expert-Led Investigations: Deepwatch's team of seasoned forensic experts conducts thorough investigations to preemptively identify threats.

  • Attack Surface Profiles: These detailed reports offer actionable insights into external vulnerabilities, highlighting potential attack opportunities and offering recommendations for mitigation.

  • Forensic-Agent-Based Threat Hunting: Ongoing hunting activities by Deepwatch specialists aim to uncover hidden threats within an organization's infrastructure, complete with detailed reports on findings and recommendations.

  • Comprehensive Reporting: Clients receive regular intelligence briefings, executive reviews, and annual reports, offering insights into ongoing security posture and threat landscape.

  • Malware Analysis: Deepwatch's Adversary Tactics and Intelligence (ATI) team provides in-depth analysis of encountered malware, contributing to enhanced security measures.

As noted in Forrester's “How to Make Threat Intelligence Actionable” report, the evolution from tactical to strategic threat intelligence is vital for modern businesses. Threat hunting, in particular, is critical for uncovering threats that traditional security tools may miss. For organizations with limited time, expertise, or resources, services like Threat Signal offer a viable solution to conduct comprehensive threat hunting exercises.

Jerrod Barton, VP of Cyber Operations & Intelligence at Deepwatch, emphasizes the importance of this new service: "To truly fortify a company's defense against cyber threats, it's essential to look beyond standard security controls. Threat Signal enables us to provide our clients with an attacker's perspective on their security readiness, facilitating rapid response to potential threats and enhancing overall cyber resilience."

For existing Deepwatch MDR customers, Threat Signal offers an added layer of security, integrating seamlessly with current operations to provide enhanced threat detection and responsive action.

With the launch of Threat Signal, Deepwatch reaffirms its commitment to advancing cybersecurity readiness. By providing enterprises with tailored, proactive security measures and expert insights, Threat Signal is poised to be a game-changer in the realm of cyber-physical systems protection.


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