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Delinea's Latest Server Suite Update Offers Enhanced Authentication to Reduce Backdoor Threats

Delinea, a provider of solutions that extend Privileged Access Management (PAM), has released the latest version of its Server Suite, which consolidates identity access to servers for improved security.

The solution includes new authentication options for organizations that use Active Directory, multi-factor authentication, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and IBM AIX Unix systems. Backdoor attacks were involved in 21% of all cybersecurity incidents in 2022, according to IBM, making it the most common action or activity.

Backdoors can circumvent authentication mechanisms, giving bad actors access to critical systems, and can exfiltrate data. To combat this threat, organizations can integrate their authentication services with MFA enforcement, which provides an additional identity check. The Server Suite solution provides improvements to certificate-based authentication, pluggable authentication modules, and support for IBM AIX extended attributes.

Customers can now specify multiple connectors for MFA, ensuring high availability when enforcing additional identity checks at server log-in and privilege elevation. "Authenticating the right user and providing strong controls for what they can access greatly improves security against identity-based attacks, especially on servers that host critical data and workloads," said Sara Otremba, Director of Product Management at Delinea.


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