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Expert Insight: Quick Tips to Safeguard Payment Accounts During Online Shopping

You may have seen the news about the spike in malicious domains registered to Amazon, just as shoppers are participating in Prime Day. These same security concerns will continue as we approach the holiday season 2020. Will LaSala, Senior Director of Global Security Solutions, Security Evangelist at OneSpan shares his thoughts on how consumers can protect their sensitive financial information while online shopping:

“With Amazon Prime Day in full swing and the hottest U.S. shopping days of the year upon us, it is vital for consumers to pay close attention to their online security. Since the pandemic is still in full effect, we can expect most consumers to perform their shopping online this year, and hackers are already gearing up for this. 

As such, I urge consumers to keep track of their online payment accounts and enable strong authentication. Keep an eye out for unusual emails about changes in your accounts, and do not click on links from your email or text messages. If you can, always navigate to the retailer’s site or payment site directly. Make sure your phone is running the latest operating system, and that your shopping and payment apps are installed with the latest software updates. Finally, be sure to monitor access history and look for any changes across all of your accounts, including your social media, financial and retailer apps.”



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