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FireMon Acquires DisruptOps To Extend Leadership in Security Policy Management and Automation

FireMon, the industry leader in network security policy management (NSPM), today announced it has acquired DisruptOps, a pioneer in cloud security operations. Adding the DisruptOps platform immediately extends FireMon’s solutions to include monitoring and responding to security risks across customers’ public cloud infrastructure.

Concurrent with the acquisition, Jody Brazil, the original founder and product visionary behind FireMon, will return to the helm as CEO of the combined entity. After leaving FireMon, Brazil founded and built DisruptOps to enable security and development teams to find, understand, and fix critical cloud security issues – simplifying how organizations can implement and achieve DevSecOps.

We sat down with Jody Brazil, CEO, FireMon to discuss what this acquisition means for the company and how it will benefit customers moving forward.

Why DisruptOps?

When I co-founded FireMon, we set out to improve security outcomes by improving security operations, and although technologies have changed, this mission remains critically important. Likewise, DisruptOps was founded with a similar purpose — to improve operations for security and DevOps teams so they can find, understand, and fix cloud security issues.

Together, FireMon can expand its cloud capabilities and become a broader, more robust solution for customers as they transition from traditional data centers into the cloud.

How will customers benefit in the future from the acquisition?

Our customers must manage complex and dynamic policies and processes on massively distributed hybrid networks. Moreover, this must happen all while defending against an evolving threat landscape and an expanding attack surface. This makes things very difficult for security operations teams.

DisruptOps immediately brings customers the ability to address cloud security concerns and improve their overall security posture. By enabling security and DevOps teams to streamline identifying security risks in the public cloud and ensure the right people are notified, DisruptOps fills a critical need identified by FireMon enterprise customers.

Longer-term, our customers will see various new offerings designed to improve security outcomes and simplify security operations.

What are the future plans/areas of focus for FireMon in the next year?

Our mission is clear. We plan to simplify security operations for customers no matter where their systems are deployed, be it on-prem or in the cloud. FireMon, with DisruptOps, is a more holistic solution, ensuring ease of use and increased time to value as customers consider the next steps in their cloud journey.



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