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Flashpoint Launches Ignite Intelligence Platform for Cross-Functional Risk Mitigation and Prevention

Flashpoint, a leader in risk intelligence, has launched a new intelligence platform, Ignite, which is designed to accelerate cross-functional risk mitigation and prevention across CTI, Vulnerability Management, National Security, and Physical Security teams. The company unveiled the platform at the RSA 2023 Conference, held at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, where it showcased its capabilities in booth #4404.

Ignite is the first intelligence platform that offers essential outcomes across multiple teams, enabling organizations to streamline workflows, quickly find relevant information, and reduce exposure to cyber and physical threats. With its integrated user experience, Ignite combines Flashpoint's market-leading intelligence to provide a holistic, real-time picture of all pertinent risks while reducing silos that can result from disparate intelligence feeds from multiple specialized partners.

According to Flashpoint, Ignite is designed to help organizations save time, money, and resources by organizing and unifying mission-critical intelligence across multiple classes into one workspace. The platform provides organizations with trusted intelligence from Flashpoint's team of experts, which enables them to take decisive action. Ignite also improves operational efficiency and addresses the cybersecurity skills shortage with a lightning-fast interface that brings the most relevant, team-specific information to the surface.

Ignite's universal search capabilities allow users to find valuable conversations and context quickly and intuitively. The platform offers text, video, and image Optical Character Recognition (OCR); rule-based alerting; news-style finished intelligence reports; personalized dashboards; and easy access to RFIs. Flashpoint's Intel Team, which comprises 100 analysts who speak more than 35 languages, can quickly complete RFIs that are requested in-platform.

Flashpoint's intelligence collections are considered the industry standard-bearer, providing organizations in the commercial and public sectors with a comprehensive picture of their risk profiles. Whether it's visibility into the deep and dark web, open-source/surface web, threat actor groups, vulnerabilities, breaches, or geospatial intelligence, Flashpoint's finished intelligence reports and raw collections are easily accessible and actionable on the Ignite platform.

Flashpoint Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) allows analysts to search through thousands of sources, monitor the communication between illicit actors, and consume finished intelligence reports written by Flashpoint analysts to understand their risks and make informed decisions on where, when, and how to act. Vulnerability Management (VulnDB) arms vulnerability teams with the intelligence and contextual information needed to effectively identify, prioritize, and remediate vulnerabilities.



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