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Gathid CISO: Enhancing Digital Security Means Embracing Passwordless Authentication and Multi-Factor Protection

Craig Davies, CISO at Gathid, underscores the imperative of a proactive security stance beyond password changes, emphasizing the adoption of passwordless authentication and multi-factor protection in our increasingly vulnerable digital ecosystem.

Craig Davies, CISO, Gathid

World Password Day serves as a vital reminder of the importance of proactive digital security. While strong passwords remain a foundation of protection, they alone are no longer sufficient. World Password Day isn't just about changing your passwords. It's about building a smarter, more secure approach to your digital life.


Start by making unique passwords your rule of thumb and make sure you use a password manager. Any password used in multiple places creates a significant security risk, particularly if compromised. Additionally, activate multi-factor authentication (MFA) wherever possible for a crucial extra layer of protection. Opt for a dedicated authenticator app on your phone for enhanced security over SMS-based codes. And remember to never share your authentication codes.


Finally, keep an eye out for passkey login options. This emerging passwordless standard, which major companies like Google and Apple already support, replaces traditional text-based passwords with a unique digital key linked to your device, making it far tougher for hackers to crack. Whenever a website offers a passkey option, make the switch for enhanced protection.


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