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GTT Communications Enhances Cybersecurity Services with Advanced MDR and DDoS Protection

GTT Communications, Inc., has announced significant improvements to its cybersecurity service offerings. The company has enhanced its managed detection and response (MDR) service, ensuring early detection and prevention of cyber threats. Additionally, GTT has introduced a new standard service option to enhance network security by providing protection against distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks.

GTT's MDR service combines cutting-edge Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) technology with human intelligence to offer enterprises 24/7 threat monitoring. The company's CREST-certified Security Operations Center (SOC) experts assist customers in enhancing their security maturity and meeting compliance requirements by monitoring network traffic across the entire enterprise environment.

Todd Kiehn, Senior Vice President of Strategy & Product at GTT, emphasized the importance of managed and professional services in addressing the growing scale and complexity of cyber threats. Kiehn highlighted the need for flexibility and speed in building adaptable network security strategies. The heightened SLA for MDR guarantees that security issues triggering an alert will be investigated within 15 minutes, enabling the rapid identification of potential threats.

GTT takes on the responsibility of deploying, updating, and monitoring the next-generation SIEM to ensure comprehensive data analysis. Additionally, GTT SOC analysts fine-tune the criteria and thresholds used in log analysis to ensure effective threat detection.

Regarding DDoS threats, Kiehn acknowledged their increasing volume and sophistication. To address this, GTT has introduced greater flexibility to its DDoS Mitigation service options, allowing customers to optimize their protection according to their specific requirements and budgets.

GTT's DDoS Mitigation service combines the extensive ingress capacity of its top-ranked global Tier 1 IP backbone with dedicated infrastructure and experienced security professionals across its 10 global DDoS scrubbing centers. This comprehensive solution provides protection against even large-scale and complex attacks, ensuring 100% uptime. Customers now have the choice between on-demand and always-on service options to cater to their individual business needs.

Both MDR and DDoS Mitigation are part of GTT's suite of managed security services, which includes Secure Connect, a managed Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) offering that integrates with GTT Managed SD-WAN. These services empower customers to tackle the ever-changing threat landscape and the exponential rise in sophisticated cyberattacks.



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