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Hysolate and CyberArk Integration Protects Privileged Users from Cyber Threats

Hysolate, which offers a secure workstation software platform to run multiple isolated operating systems on a single device with a unified, seamless user experience, has announced a new technical integration with CyberArk to further protect "privileged" users from cyber threats.

CyberArk, a global leader in Privileged Access Management (PAM), shares many customers with Hysolate, leading to a demand for an integrated out-of-the-box solution.

Marc Gaffan, CEO of Hysolate shared these insights on the new integration:

Tell me about this integration with Hysolate and CyberArk. What does this integration mean for customers?

This integration will allow a CyberArk customer to seamlessly integrate the Hysolate Management Platform with the CyberArk platform.

This means that customers' privileged users that need to access to the Hysolate Management platform can do so in a more secure way using CyberArk.

What makes Hysolate a great fit for this integration? What makes you different than other Privileged Access Workstations (PAW) providers?

Both Hysolate and CyberArk are working to protect privileged users in a complementary way. In addition to CyberArk protecting Privileged User Accounts, Hysolate enables them to protect Privileged User Workstations. Having privileged users access critical applications and data from secure workstations is a key aspect of a privileged user protection architecture to ensure that privileged users are not compromised by their workstations being infected.

Where can users get more information about the integration?

You can view the Hysolate blog here.

This integration is now available to CyberArk and Hysolate customers via the CyberArk Marketplace. We encourage joint customers to download the integration today.


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