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JFrog Appoints Aran Azarzar as Chief Information Officer

JFrog, has appointed Aran Azarzar as its global Chief Information Officer (CIO). Azarzar will oversee the development of the company's IT infrastructure for cloud, business intelligence, and data management. He will also lead a security-first approach to IT operations and determine how the organization can use its technological prowess to speed up time-to-market and outperform competitors. Azarzar brings nearly two decades of extensive experience in information technology and cybersecurity to JFrog.

“I’m honored to join a company with a reputation for having a strong culture, commitment to security, and sits at the heart of the technology ecosystem,” said Aran Azarzar, CIO at JFrog. “JFrog powers the software that runs the world. I’m excited to work with the leadership team, employees, and customers to anticipate what’s next, drive innovation throughout the business, and our competitive edge by ensuring we’re continuously one step ahead of emerging technologies.”

Previously, he served as CIO at NSO Group and HUB Security, where he helped establish the global systems and technology strategy for improving applications and security processes throughout the organization. Under his leadership, JFrog's internal systems will accelerate, optimize, and have a direct impact on JFrog's business infrastructure for its community and customers. “As we innovate our products and scale our organization, we always aim to have a state-of-the-art technology infrastructure that meets the needs of our business growth, customers, partners, and employees’ needs, in the present and future,” stated Ben Haim. “I’m thrilled to welcome Aran to the company, who brings with him a vast experience in modernizing systems and organizations. Under his leadership JFrog’s internal systems will accelerate, optimize and have a direct impact on JFrog business infrastructure for our community and customers.”


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