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Lasso Security Secures $6 Million Seed Round to Pioneer LLM Cybersecurity

Lasso Security, a trailblazer in Large Language Models (LLMs) cybersecurity, announced today that it has successfully raised $6 million in a seed funding round, led by Entrée Capital, with participation from Samsung Next. The infusion of capital will enable Lasso Security to further its mission of fortifying the cybersecurity landscape in the era of Generative AI and Large Language Models.

In recent years, technological revolutions have shaped the way we live and work, from the internet boom in the 90s to the cloud computing era of the 2010s. The latest transformation is the advent of Generative AI and Large Language Models (LLMs), which have witnessed widespread adoption by millions of end-users and countless organizations. However, this rapid embrace of these technologies has raised significant cybersecurity concerns, including data exposure and compliance risks.

Lasso Security, recognizing the pressing need for robust LLM cybersecurity, has taken the lead in safeguarding every facet of LLM usage. The company's commitment to providing comprehensive protection for businesses leveraging Generative AI and other LLM technologies has been fortified by the successful seed funding round. Lasso intends to utilize the newly acquired capital to expand its team and enhance its security offerings further.

Lasso Security's core mission revolves around equipping pioneers in Generative AI and LLMs with innovative security solutions, allowing organizations to embrace these technologies with confidence. The company has identified and is addressing a range of sophisticated and evolving LLM cybersecurity threats, such as model theft, malicious code generation, prompt injection, data poisoning, and supply chain attacks.

Elad Schulman, CEO of Lasso Security, highlighted the extraordinary capabilities of LLMs, revolutionizing information processing but also posing potential openings for cybercriminals. Schulman stated, "As early as next year, organizations without a dedicated Gen AI risk management solution will experience negative outcomes." Lasso Security's comprehensive solution encompasses preventative and remediation measures, providing robust defenses to safeguard systems that utilize Generative AI technologies leveraging LLMs.

Lasso's innovative approach includes features like Shadow AI Discovery, ongoing LLM Data-Flow Monitoring, Observability, and a Real-time Detection and Alerting system. These tools enable Lasso to respond rapidly to emerging threats, ensuring end-to-end protection that seamlessly aligns with an organization's security policies. Lasso empowers organizations to safely integrate and deploy LLMs in production environments while preserving data and user privacy and safeguarding against malicious threats.

Eran Bielski, General Partner at Entrée Capital, emphasized the significance of LLMs while acknowledging the accompanying cybersecurity and compliance risks. Bielski stated, "Lasso's solution directly addresses the vulnerabilities associated with LLMs, enabling businesses to confidently integrate large language models into their products or internal tools." Entrée Capital expressed its excitement in supporting Lasso as it works towards optimizing LLM security for enterprises.

René Bonvanie, former CMO of Palo Alto Networks and the newest member of Lasso's Advisory Board, emphasized the urgency of staying ahead in the cybersecurity world. Bonvanie commended Lasso's platform for dealing with current threats and anticipating future challenges, expressing confidence in the company's vision and mission to secure Generative AI and the businesses that rely on it.

Lasso Security is driven by a team of seasoned entrepreneurs, cyber innovators, and data scientists with decades of collective experience. Despite its recent establishment as a startup in 2023, Lasso is already collaborating with numerous organizations to strengthen their LLM-based environments.

In a rapidly evolving technological landscape, Lasso Security stands at the forefront, ensuring that organizations can harness the potential of Generative AI and Large Language Models while safeguarding their data and security in an increasingly complex digital world.


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