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LogRhythm Marks One-Year Anniversary of Cloud-Native SIEM Platform Axon with Major Release

LogRhythm, a leading cybersecurity solutions provider, has unveiled its 6th consecutive quarterly release and celebrated the one-year anniversary of its cloud-native SaaS SIEM platform, LogRhythm Axon. This release brings substantial enhancements and expansions to both Axon and the broader suite of LogRhythm solutions, reaffirming the company's commitment to driving continuous innovation in the global cybersecurity arena.

According to Chris O’Malley, CEO of LogRhythm, their relentless focus on delivering value to customers remains paramount in the ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape. As they mark the one-year milestone of Axon's launch, customer satisfaction remains their top priority, guiding every strategic decision.

The latest release of LogRhythm's Axon bolsters security operations center (SOC) efficiency and streamlines analyst workflows. It enables seamless detection, investigation, and response to potential threats, with features like automated case management and Signal Replay for testing analytics rules. Additionally, LogRhythm SIEM now offers centralized log source onboarding, significantly improving workflow efficiency and productivity.

LogRhythm is also addressing the industry-wide skills gap by providing in-product resource centers for both SIEM and Axon, equipping security teams with tools to quickly harness the platforms' capabilities.

Excitingly, LogRhythm has expanded its cloud-native SIEM platform, Axon, to the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region, with an instance in Australia. This expansion allows customers in APAC to strengthen their security operations with a flexible solution.

In collaboration with Seamless Intelligence, LogRhythm's partner of the year in Australia, a managed services layer will be available for LogRhythm Axon customers, providing world-class cybersecurity solutions and services.

Additional enhancements released in this quarterly rollout encompass features like user anomaly detection, streamlined onboarding of log sources, and improvements in correlation and analysis capabilities across LogRhythm's SIEM, NDR, and Axon solutions.

Novacoast has emerged as the first Axon services provider for LogRhythm's customer base, further enhancing the value proposition of LogRhythm Axon.

This strategic partnership underscores the efficacy and flexibility of LogRhythm's platform in enhancing security programs across diverse environments, setting new standards for security services in the ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape. ###


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