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LookingGlass Cyber Solutions Announces Engagement with Defense Innovation Unit

LookingGlass Cyber Solutions, a leader in intelligence-driven risk management, today announced that it has signed a prototype agreement to support threat data analytics for the Defense Innovation Unit (DIU). DIU is a Department of Defense (DoD) organization focused on accelerating the acquisition of emerging commercial technologies to bolster national security initiatives. Under the new contract, LookingGlass will support increased situational awareness, visibility, and data analytics via its cyber solutions portfolio.

According to the DIU's published Commercial Solutions Opening (CSO), visibility into the vast amount of public, private, and open source cyber threat data continues to be a significant challenge. This includes structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data, often processed by commercial entities and technology.

Leading the way with best-in-class threat intelligence and augmented by a global team of intelligence analysts, LookingGlass technologies give organizations the ability to quickly identify, prioritize and protect against threats. At LookingGlass, quality, cross-functional teams deliver products that leverage full-spectrum, tailored automation of cyber risk data - to include critical infrastructure and supply chain monitoring.

“The LookingGlass Team is excited to partner with the Defense Innovation Unit as we prototype our innovative analytics and services to the DOD. DIU has been instrumental in communicating requirements and the process. Their facilitation allowed LookingGlass to quickly come to terms with the client and to begin work in an exceptionally short period of time. DIU has made the onboarding and contracting experience flawless," said Ronald Nielson, Senior Vice President, Public Sector, LookingGlass.

To learn more about how government agency and global enterprise organizations can benefit from LookingGlass Cyber Solutions' more than 20 years of tradecraft and investment in scalable, innovative solutions visit:

About LookingGlass Cyber Solutions, Inc.

LookingGlass is a leader in intelligence-driven risk mitigation, including global attack surface monitoring, threat modeling, and network defense. Its full-service portfolio integrates threat intelligence, analysis, and a robust set of tools to operationalize threat mitigation in the network. LookingGlass is proud to offer standard and custom solutions, making cybersecurity smart and seamless for governments and enterprises.

The company is organized into two high-performance, specialized business units – a product unit which operates under the LookingGlass brand, long known for pioneering innovative CloudShield threat mitigation products, and a services unit, Cyveillance. The LookingGlass product business unit delivers and innovates cutting edge products, including intelligence, aggregation, sensing, and orchestration capabilities. Learn more at

About the Defense Innovation Unit

The DIU accelerates the adoption of commercial technology throughout the military and growing the national security innovation base. DIU partners with organizations across the DoD, to rapidly prototype, field and scale advanced commercial solutions that address national security challenges. Learn more at


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