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Lucidum Unveils Community License of IT Asset Discovery Platform to Eliminate Blind Spots Across AWS

Lucidum today announced the commercial availability of its IT asset discovery platform that eliminates blind spots across cloud, security and IT operations. The launch of the Lucidum Community License follows the company’s successful, over-subscribed early access program through which customers are using the Lucidum platform to gain complete visibility of all critical IT assets, including unknown unknowns.

The Lucidum Community License is available as a free, self-configured download and provides enterprises with an always-on, centralized and continuously updated inventory of their AWS investments. Once configured, the platform automatically ingests data from 13 AWS services, including compute, storage and database services. Within hours, Lucidum provides visibility and context into all known and unknown AWS assets purchased, if they are properly configured, who is using them, if they have appropriate security controls in place and if a company is overpaying for AWS services.

“The most fundamental challenge technology leaders face is visibility and context of assets in their sprawling IT estates,” said Peter Liebert, former CISO of the State of California. “Both are extremely hard to pin down because of multiple technologies and protocols that exist across complex environments. The key to success is removing the unknowns to fully understand risk and take the right actions. Lucidum uniquely allows for that, which is absolute gold.”

The Lucidum platform employs patent-pending machine learning against a massive volume of pre-existing data to triangulate and provide context about known and unknown computers, mobile devices, cloud environments, IoT devices, microservices, and other technology assets. Without agents or scans, Lucidum identifies anything that stores, processes, or transmits data and answers important questions about where an asset is, what it is, what it’s doing, and how it’s being used.

Through a growing list of integrations with over 150 of the most popular tools and platforms already in use by enterprise IT organizations, and an open API, the Lucidum platform feeds IT operations, security, cloud, compliance, finance, and other core disciplines with critical information about the assets it identifies.

One customer is using Lucidum to discover and reconcile unknown assets in order to prove that its overall IT asset inventory is accurate. Within hours of deployment, the Lucidum platform automatically updated the customer’s configuration management database (CMDB) and provided visibility and context of its unknown assets in order for its IT organization to take the correct proactive actions to account for them. Within two weeks, the organization reduced its unknown assets from 13% to 4%, which translated to a 70% improvement in asset visibility.

“We started this journey at Lucidum by asking hundreds of technology leaders about their most existential challenge,” said Joel Fulton, Lucidum CEO and co-founder. “We clearly learned that asset visibility is a fundamental capability on which everything else rests – from securing to managing and transforming. Our early access customers have been essential partners in delivering a product that empowers technology leaders to improve every other aspect of their IT, cloud and security operations. We’re excited to now make Lucidum available to everyone and grow our community.”

Lucidum’s co-founders are Joel Fulton, former CISO at Splunk, and Charles Feng, former head of security innovations and data science at Splunk. The founding team brings exceptional experience in IT leadership and machine learning from companies including Boeing, Nordstrom, Symantec, and Google.

The Lucidum Community License for AWS is now available as a free download and allows customers to gain complete visibility of AWS cloud environments, assets (both static and ephemeral assets), users, and data. Support for Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform will be available later in 2021. For more information or to download the Lucidum Community License, visit

About Lucidum

Lucidum is the asset discovery company that eliminates blind spots across cloud, security, and IT operations. Fortune 500 companies rely on the Lucidum platform and its patent-pending machine learning to discover, triangulate, and identify all assets – even previously unknown unknowns – delivering visibility essential to truly secure, manage, and transform your enterprise. Backed by GGV Capital and Silicon Valley CISO Investments (SVCI), Lucidum is based in San Jose, California. For more information, follow Lucidum on Twitter (@LucidumInc) and LinkedIn (, or visit


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