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MDR Provider Arctic Wolf Bolsters Capabilities With New Security Research & Intelligence Division

This week, Arctic Wolf announced the launch of Arctic Wolf Labs, a new research-focused division focused on advancing innovation in the field of security operations. Arctic Wolf Labs will be responsible for performing threat research on new and emerging adversaries, developing advanced threat detection models, and driving improvement in the speed, scale, and detection abilities of Arctic Wolf’s solution offerings.

We spoke with Dan Schiappa, Chief Product Officer, Arctic Wolf, to learn more about the new capabilities the division brings.

Congratulations on this launch. What was the client or market need that drove the creation of Arctic Wolf Labs?

Right now the market need is to be able to operate at the speed of data. Threat intelligence changes rapidly, and the need to incorporate those changes in the most rapid and non-disruptive way possible is what the markets need. Labs will provide that data and our platform and products will consume it for the most responsive security possible.

What kind of mission will the labs team have?

The mission is to be the provider of all threat intelligence, AI models and other detections to the AW Security Operations Cloud Platform and all of our products.

What kind of outputs and benefits should the security community and clients expect?

We will publish more of our real-world threat research to the industry so we can share what we’ve discovered and learned from the massive visibility we now have into the threat landscape.

How do you see the labs team evolving in the future?

We will continue to grow the team over time, so we can ensure we have the capabilities for leading threat intelligence that we can then pass along with the world’s best AI models to ensure our customers and the AW ecosystem are the most protected in the industry.



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