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Menlo Security Unveils HEAT Shield and HEAT Visibility as Part of a Powerful Threat Prevention Suite

Menlo Security, a browser security provider, has unveiled a suite of threat prevention capabilities known as HEAT Shield™ and HEAT Visibility™. These cutting-edge solutions are designed to detect and block highly evasive threats that target users through web browsers, providing robust protection against phishing attacks and other web-based threats.

HEAT Shield™ employs innovative AI-based techniques, combining computer vision with URL risk scoring and web page element analysis, to swiftly identify and block phishing attacks before they infiltrate enterprise networks. Simultaneously, HEAT Visibility offers ongoing analysis of web traffic, utilizing AI/ML-powered classifiers to detect highly evasive attacks. This real-time identification enables security teams to promptly respond and mitigate the risks posed by these sophisticated threats, significantly reducing mean time to detect and mean time to respond.

Leading organizations like JPMorgan Chase Asset and Wealth Management and Remedi SeniorCare have recognized the value of Menlo Security's browser security solution in combatting cyber threats. Built on Menlo Security's cloud-based Isolation Core™, HEAT Shield and HEAT Visibility are equipped to monitor and analyze over 400 billion web sessions annually, providing comprehensive threat protection. Nick Edwards, Vice President, Product Management at Menlo Security, said, “Adversaries have placed a massive bullseye on the web browser. It has become the new desktop, where we spend the bulk of our working day. Legacy security vendors are fighting yesterday’s war by trying to shoehorn network security and endpoint tools to keep users safe and it isn’t working. The capabilities we are introducing today mark a significant leap forward towards our mission of creating a secure, seamless browsing experience, ensuring the internet can be used safely by our customers. "

Menlo Security's experience in developing industry-leading browser security products has enabled the delivery of this groundbreaking suite of threat prevention capabilities, protecting users from sophisticated web-based attacks. HEAT Shield and HEAT Visibility are now generally available across Menlo Security's global network.

“Menlo Security’s HEAT Shield product allows us to offer reliable, preventative security to our clients who are exposed to highly evasive threats every day,” said Jamie Gray, VP, Sales-East at Tevora. “Web browser threats are growing in both frequency and sophistication, so it’s critical that companies have the technology to help them, not distract them. Menlo Security’s HEAT Shield is going to make a difference to our customers.”



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