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New Study Shows More Than Half of Remote Employees Undermine Company Security Policies

A remote work survey conducted by Axiad reveals a new kind of insider threat – more than half of remote employees are deliberately ignoring or finding workarounds to their companies’ security policies, even as access to corporate applications has increased, providing hackers even more routes into vulnerable organizations.

Key findings include:

  • 52% of tech leaders said their remote employees had found workarounds to their company’s security policies

  • Organizations expanded user access to existing apps by 47%, 26% added additional vendors, and 19% purchased more cloud applications

  • 79% of security professionals enforced the same level of security controls, even when apps were accessed remotely

  • Phishing (71%) and malware (61%) are the most concerning threat vectors for tech leaders

According to Bassam Al-Khalidi, Axiad Founder and Co-CEO:

“We believe the dramatic increase in phishing threats, combined with 52% of remote workers undermining their company’s security practices, creates a perfect storm for tech leaders. It’s concerning that so many employees take shortcuts to get their job done, rather than embrace their personal responsibility to follow the policies of their company. As companies increase access to their workers, the concerns surrounding these workarounds only grow. IT teams must resolve this natural tension between ease of use and security and find a way for remote employees to authenticate quickly, securely, and without friction.”

For more information, read the full report.



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