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NinjaOne Elevates IT Management Platform with Automation and Enhanced Visibility

NinjaOne, a cloud-native IT management platform tailored for managed service providers (MSPs) and IT departments, has unveiled major upgrades to its platform, introducing advanced automation capabilities and expanded visibility into its customers' vast device network of over five million devices. The latest release, informed by feedback from thousands of customers, is designed to tackle the evolving complexity of modern IT environments as organizations navigate the demands of remote and hybrid work settings.

The Summer 2023 release brings forth more than 30 new features and substantial product enhancements, catering to the diverse needs of IT managers across various operational landscapes. It offers improved insights into patching status and endpoint health, facilitating more informed decision-making for IT security and maintenance. NinjaOne's revamped platform empowers customers with robust automation tools, enabling streamlined operations through simplified processes and build-once/deploy-broadly capabilities.

"NinjaOne's commitment to innovation is deeply rooted in responding to our customers' needs," shared NinjaOne CTO Robert Gibbons. "Our latest advancements in automation and visibility are aimed at providing a seamless and efficient experience for our users."

Kyle Thompson, Manager of Global Infrastructure Operations at Patra Corporation, commended NinjaOne's zero-touch patch automation as a game-changer for their team's productivity. The introduction of a comprehensive patching dashboard offers transparent oversight of patching activities across various endpoints, bolstering security strategies.

Among the enhancements, NinjaOne's Software Package Repository stands out as a potent automation tool, allowing technicians to streamline complex software installation workflows. Dynamic Script Forms further enhance automation by permitting customizable script outcomes via user-friendly forms, making scripts more adaptable and reusable.

The expansion of visibility features includes the Patch Management Dashboard, delivering a panoramic overview of patching statuses worldwide. Additionally, the Device Search Grid empowers technicians to arrange and filter device information, simplifying multi-device management. Policies by Location grants heightened control over endpoint management based on location, reducing the need for individual device policy overrides and enhancing efficiency.

NinjaOne's latest advancements cater to the growing demand for versatile IT management solutions capable of handling diverse device networks in today's dynamic work environments. Through automation and improved visibility, the platform aims to facilitate enhanced productivity, error reduction, and operational efficiency for IT teams on the front lines of modern enterprise challenges.



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