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Noreen Rosica, Radware: How We Can Pave the Way for Women in Cybersecurity

In honor of International Women's Day, Noreen Rosica, Vice President of Human Resources for Radware in North America, sat down to share her insights on this year's theme, Inspire Inclusion (#inspireinclusion). Reflecting on her career journey from consumer electronics to the dynamic world of cybersecurity, Rosica emphasizes the importance of mentorship, diversity, and continuous learning. What inspired you to pursue a career in security? 

I was initially drawn to the field of security due to a combination of personal interest and a growing awareness of the critical role cybersecurity plays in safeguarding organizations and individuals. One unique aspect of my journey was the transition from consumer electronics to cybersecurity, which provided me with a broader perspective on technology and its vulnerabilities. Along the way, I was intrigued by the surprises I encountered, such as the rapid evolution of cyber threats and the constant need for professionals to stay ahead of the curve. 

What can women do to inspire other women to choose security as a career?

As women in security, we can serve as visible role models and mentors. Sharing our experiences, successes, and challenges helps demystify the field and showcases the diverse opportunities available. Additionally, I have found that participating in outreach programs and industry events allows us to engage with young women, encouraging them to explore cybersecurity as a viable and rewarding career option.

What can the industry do to inspire more women to enter security?

The industry can take several proactive measures to inspire and support women in entering the field of cybersecurity. To start, creating inclusive and diverse work environments is crucial. This involves fostering a culture that values diversity of thought and provides equal opportunities for career growth. Offering internships, mentorship programs, and training initiatives for women can help bridge the gender gap. Furthermore, companies can actively promote the achievements of women who have excelled in cybersecurity by ensuring they have visibility at conferences, in publications, and across other industry platforms.

What advice do you have for women considering a career in security? For women considering a career in security, my advice would be to embrace curiosity and a continuous learning mindset. Cybersecurity is a dynamic field that requires staying abreast of the latest technologies and threats. Seek out mentors and role models within the industry, as their guidance can provide helpful insights and support. Don't be afraid to take on challenges and step out of your comfort zone—resilience and adaptability are key traits in this ever-evolving field. And remember that diversity and bringing different perspectives and approaches to problem-solving are assets in cybersecurity. Your unique skills and experiences are valuable contributions to the industry.


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