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NVIDIA Launches Enterprise-Grade Generative AI Microservices for Custom Application Development

NVIDIA has unveiled a suite of enterprise-grade generative AI microservices, enabling businesses to create and deploy custom applications on their platforms while retaining full control of their intellectual property. The announcement was made at the annual Mobile World Congress, showcasing NVIDIA's commitment to advancing AI technology in the enterprise sector.

The new catalog of cloud-native microservices is built on the NVIDIA CUDA® platform and includes NVIDIA NIM™ microservices for optimized inference on popular AI models from NVIDIA and its partners. Additionally, NVIDIA's accelerated software development kits, libraries, and tools are now accessible as NVIDIA CUDA-X™ microservices for a variety of applications, including retrieval-augmented generation (RAG), guardrails, data processing, and high-performance computing (HPC). Over two dozen healthcare-specific NIM and CUDA-X microservices were also announced.

Jensen Huang, founder and CEO of NVIDIA, highlighted the significance of the new offering: "Established enterprise platforms are sitting on a goldmine of data that can be transformed into generative AI copilots. Created with our partner ecosystem, these containerized AI microservices are the building blocks for enterprises in every industry to become AI companies."

The NIM microservices provide pre-built containers powered by NVIDIA inference software, enabling developers to reduce deployment times from weeks to minutes. They offer industry-standard APIs for domains such as language, speech, and drug discovery, allowing for the quick development of AI applications that can scale on demand.

CUDA-X microservices offer end-to-end building blocks for data preparation, customization, and training, accelerating AI development across industries. For example, NVIDIA Riva provides customizable speech and translation AI, while NVIDIA cuOpt™ offers routing optimization.

Leading application, data, and cybersecurity platform providers, including Adobe, Cadence, CrowdStrike, Getty Images, SAP, ServiceNow, and Shutterstock, are among the first to access the new NVIDIA generative AI microservices available in NVIDIA AI Enterprise 5.0.

ServiceNow announced its use of NIM to develop and deploy new domain-specific copilots and other generative AI applications more efficiently.

Customers can access NIM microservices from various platforms, including Amazon SageMaker, Google Kubernetes Engine, and Microsoft Azure AI, and integrate with popular AI frameworks like Deepset, LangChain, and LlamaIndex.

The ecosystem supporting NVIDIA's generative AI microservices continues to grow, with data platform providers like Box, Cloudera, Cohesity, Datastax, Dropbox, and NetApp working to optimize RAG pipelines and integrate proprietary data into generative AI applications. Snowflake leverages NeMo Retriever to harness enterprise data for building AI applications.

NVIDIA AI Enterprise microservices are available for deployment across various infrastructures, including leading clouds like AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, as well as on over 400 NVIDIA-Certified Systems from major manufacturers.

Developers can experiment with NVIDIA microservices at at no charge, while enterprises can deploy production-grade NIM microservices with NVIDIA AI Enterprise 5.0 running on NVIDIA-Certified Systems and leading cloud platforms.


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