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OneSpan Launches Trust Vault to Safeguard Digital Agreements with Quantum-Safe Blockchain Technology

OneSpan, a leading digital agreements security company, has introduced a novel feature, Trust Vault, to its e-signature solution, OneSpan Sign. Trust Vault utilizes blockchain technology to ensure the provenance and long-term viability of documents, addressing emerging security threats in the digital agreements space.

With advancements in AI and the looming threat of quantum computing, the security and integrity of digital agreements have become increasingly critical. Traditional e-signature and cloud storage solutions are ill-equipped to safeguard documents over extended periods. OneSpan's Trust Vault combines digital signatures with blockchain, creating quantum-safe proofs that verify the origin date and integrity of digital agreements independently of private keys.

"As we head towards the impending era of quantum computing, the foundation of any business will be dependent on the legitimacy and authenticity of digital transactions. As contracts evolve from document-based to whatever future form they take, any binding agreement must be secure and stand up in a court of law,” said Matthew Moynahan, President and CEO at OneSpan. “Today’s launch of OneSpan’s Trust Vault underscores our continuous innovation to provide secure, compliant, and frictionless digital agreements and transactions. OneSpan is uniquely positioned to anticipate and address emerging customer needs to best support the lifeblood of their business.”

Key features of Trust Vault include irrefutable origin dating, an end-to-end audit trail, robust tamper detection and prevention, and automated workflows. This solution not only instills trust in the authenticity of documents but also ensures compliance, transparency, and reliability.

OneSpan's acquisition of ProvenDB earlier this year expanded its digital agreement offerings and blockchain-based secure storage capabilities. Trust Vault represents OneSpan's dedication to addressing the evolving security needs of digital transactions.

Christian Hasker, Chief Marketing Officer at Swirlds Labs, praised the integration of Trust Vault into OneSpan's portfolio.“AI, quantum computing, and other emerging technologies are creating unprecedented challenges to the trustworthiness of all forms of digital information, including digital agreements.  No one security vendor can do it all, but some are clearly leading the pack. We believe that OneSpan Sign combined with Trust Vault will set a new standard for individuals and enterprises relying on the long-term viability and integrity of digital agreements and e-signatures," said Hasker.


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