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Orca Security on Nissan Data Breach: Using Weak Authentication Is a Huge Security Mistake

Last week, automotive giant Nissan was reported to have suffered a very serious data breach that put source code in potential jeopardy.

“Nissan conducted an immediate investigation regarding improper access to proprietary company source code,” a spokesperson said. “We take this matter seriously and are confident that no personal data from consumers, dealers or employees was accessible with this security incident. The affected system has been secured, and we are confident that there is no information in the exposed source code that would put consumers or their vehicles at risk.”

Avi Shua, CEO, Orca Security shared his insights on the breach:

“Using weak authentication is a huge security mistake for organizations that can have serious ramifications, including potentially leaking intellectual property, as we’ve seen with the Nissan source code exposure. Unfortunately, authentication issues are commonplace as our recent State of Public Cloud Security Report found that 5.3 percent of organizations have at least one workload accessible using either a weak or leaked password. Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is an essential tool to help combat this challenge, but it is also being underutilized by organizations. Our research found that 23.5 percent of organizations aren’t using MFA to protect their high-risk accounts with super admin users. Strong authentication is key for organizations to conduct business in the digital economy, and critical breaches will continue to occur as long as hackers can easily find and exploit weak links.” – Avi Shua, CEO and Co-founder, Orca Security.



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