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Outpost24 Launches Vulnerability Risk Management Solution Outscan NX

Cybersecurity risk management provider Outpost24 has launched a new Vulnerability Risk Management solution, Outscan NX, to provide businesses with a next-generation approach to securing their networks and cloud environments. Outscan NX uses evidence-based threat intelligence and machine learning models to analyze and predict the likelihood of vulnerabilities being weaponized and exploited over time. This solution provides easy-to-understand and solution-based risk ratings, enabling organizations to prioritize cloud and network vulnerabilities beyond the Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) and address real threats before they can be exploited by attackers.

A Ponemon Institute study revealed that 60% of breaches occur as a result of known vulnerabilities that have gone unpatched, while more than half of respondents are unable to respond to vulnerabilities due to manual processes. Organizations are urged to adopt a risk-based approach to vulnerability remediation to proactively identify real risks and deploy automated measures to mitigate them.

Outscan NX provides a consolidated view of the biggest risks that an organization faces in their networks, endpoints, and cloud environments. It offers a threat intelligence-based risk rating, agent-based scanning to monitor hybrid and remote workers' endpoints, less scanning to provide a snapshot of networks, solution-based reporting for actionable insights, and hybrid and multiple cloud security scanning to ensure consistent checks for misconfigurations across all major Cloud Service Providers (CSPs).

The new solution aims to reduce vulnerability exposure time significantly based on exploitability, to mitigate against ransomware and other real-world cyber threats. Outscan NX is billed as a fully integrated solution that cuts costs, saves time, and efficiently focuses on reducing the biggest risks for organizations.



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