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Ping Identity Launches PingOne Protect to Combat Fraud and Account Takeover Threats

Ping Identity, an identity solutions provider for enterprises, has introduced PingOne Protect, a new service aimed at detecting fraud and managing risks to prevent account takeover and the creation of fake accounts. This solution addresses the challenge of multi-factor authentication (MFA) fatigue experienced by end users.

PingOne Protect takes a unique approach to threat protection by combining Identity and Access Management (IAM) with intelligence-based fraud detection throughout the entire user journey. It dynamically assesses multiple risk signals, including user and entity behavior analytics, behavioral biometrics, IP and network reputation telemetry, device telemetry, and more. These signals are evaluated even before login to calculate an overall risk score for each end user. The risk score influences identification, authentication, and authorization policies.

According to Andre Durand, CEO and founder of Ping Identity, account takeover and fraudulent accounts pose significant and costly threats in the digital economy. By integrating IAM with intelligent fraud mitigation in a single platform, businesses gain improved agility and visibility into the user journey. This enables tailored approaches to preventing fraudulent activity based on the level of risk associated with each individual.

PingOne Protect offers several benefits to businesses, including reducing user frustration and session abandonment, minimizing risk, and thwarting account takeover and new account fraud. The service also facilitates the seamless integration of third-party risk signals, consolidating and centralizing fraud detection capabilities. Users can enjoy secure and streamlined online experiences that enhance trust and alleviate the inconvenience typically encountered when accessing digital resources.

PingOne Protect will initially be available to existing PingOne Risk customers through their account representatives, with general availability expected in the summer of 2023.



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