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Product Spotlight: CloudKnox Cloud Security Platform

The CloudKnox Cloud Security Platform allows organizations to take a lifecycle approach to managing identity privileges across any private or public cloud, including VMware, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform. CloudKnox was built to manage not only human but also non-human identities, including service accounts, bots, servers, API keys, applications and more.

With over 40,000 privileges across the four major cloud platforms, IT teams need visibility into what actions identities are performing on critical resources across multiple, complex and vastly different cloud operating models. CloudKnox research has shown that most identities use less than 1% of their privileges to perform their day-to-day jobs, leaving 99% of their privileges unused and wide-open to misuse or exploitation.

CloudKnox proactively addresses insider threats by delivering continuous detection and remediation of over-privileged machine and human users. It allows identity management and security operations teams to right-size roles and grant privileges on demand with one click and provides deep visibility into all identities, actions and resources.

Key Differentiators:

  • CloudKnox is focused on innovation in areas important to its distinct competitive advantage, including:

    • Its patented Activity-based Authorization protocol, which provides its ability to extend its platform coverage both horizontally (e.g. multiple cloud platforms) and vertically (e.g. operating systems, on-premise applications, SaaS applications)

    • Its patented Privilege Creep Index, which enables customers to easily understand their cloud infrastructure risk posture. Visibility into modern cloud infrastructure is very critical to identifying and quantifying risk and responding to incidents

    • The patented method to detect discrepancies in cloud infrastructure security configurations from translated security best practice configurations enables the rapid detection and remediation of anomalies and adherence to compliance mandates

CloudKnox Dashboard

Who It's Intended For:

  • The CloudKnox Cloud Security Platform is designed for enterprises who have adopted hybrid or multi-cloud infrastructure across their organizations. This spans multiple verticals like Financial Services, Healthcare, Telecommunications, Professional Services, Pharma/Medical Devices, Manufacturing, Technology, Government, Retail and Education.

Dashboard UI:

CloudKnox Dashboard


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