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Quantum Corridor CEO Tom Dakich Unveils the Future of Quantum Connectivity and Commercialization

We sat down with Tom Dakich, CEO of Quantum Corridor, to discuss how the company is taking charge in quantum technology. Dakich shares insights on the challenges of commercialization, the company's unique approach to fostering quantum connectivity, and his predictions for the rapid evolution of quantum computing.

Tom Dakich, CEO of Quantum Corridor

What is the company's mission?

Our mission is to build American-owned, TAA-compliant quantum connections and Quantum Commercialization Centers to help commercialize America’s defense, business, science and academic industries—and to help develop the ecosystem needed to win the global race for quantum superiority.

What is the challenge that you are seeing in the market?

Commercialization of the technology is the greatest challenge at this time. There is no doubt that quantum is the future, but it is largely relegated to R&D at this point, so creating a road map for commercialization is critical. Quantum commercialization requires governmental support, and the simplest way is through writing tax credits for capital expenditure. A more effective way would be through direct grants to quantum commercialization companies, but that is more expensive for the government.

How are you taking a unique approach to solving it? What differentiates you?

We have built the infrastructure to allow research institutions, commercial entities and leaders in the space to link on and transmit. The ability to allow for distributed computing will be key to America’s success in the global race to quantum supremacy, and Quantum Corridor is poised to make that a reality today.

How do you see quantum computing evolving over the next year -- and the next five years?

We will see more investment, which will mean more tangible results. This industry is moving faster than most anticipated, and it will only speed up from here. We will see more operable quantum computers, and with infrastructure like ours, quantum networking will create breakthroughs across every imaginable industry in a short timeframe.

If you had to leave a CIO/CISO with one piece of advice --- What should organizations keep top of mind?

This technology is here. Like the dawn of the Internet in the 1980s and 1990s, leadership across all industries must get on board now so they are not left behind in the very near future. Public-private partnerships are truly the key.


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