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[redacted] Selected by American Hospital Association for Incident Response Services

[redacted], the mission-driven cloud security company that levels the playing field against attackers, today announced that it was selected by the American Hospital Association (AHA) as its Preferred Cybersecurity Provider for its incident response services. The company also was selected by the AHA for its Healthcare Security Services packaged offering that provides member hospitals with cyber program strategy and development and cyber risk assessment among other services.

[redacted] was selected as an AHA Preferred Cybersecurity Provider (APCP) for Incident Response and Healthcare Security Services following a strict due diligence process. [redacted] is powered by a team that combines more than 140 years of experience protecting public and private sector entities, including numerous small and medium-sized hospitals. The team understands how to create, validate, execute and update a comprehensive security program that prioritizes clinical operations against specific security risks, builds corresponding capabilities and ensures knowledge transfer to establish and maintain a robust and enduring security posture.

“Unlike other sectors, cyberattacks on health care providers have a direct impact not just on data, but on people — the patients we care for and the communities we serve,” said John Riggi, senior advisor for cybersecurity and risk at the AHA. “For this reason, we set extremely high standards for companies in the APCP to help our mission to advance and protect health care in the U.S. Using a strict due diligence process, the AHA identified [redacted] as a highly reputable, qualified and accomplished leader in providing Healthcare Security Services (HSS) and Incident Response (IR) services specifically for small and medium hospitals up to 300 beds. We’re pleased to welcome them to the program.”

The AHA created the APCP program earlier in 2021 to meet the urgent cybersecurity needs of its members. The number of breaches reported to the Department of Health and Human Services Office for Civil Rights (HHS OCR) to date in 2021 have increased nearly 40% compared to the same period in 2020. In addition, a surge in ransomware attacks on health care delivery organizations has interfered with care delivery and risked patient safety. The APCP program assists AHA members by directing them to firms that provide exceptional value in terms of pricing and quality for cybersecurity services.

[redacted]’s Healthcare Security Services serves as an extension of health care delivery organizations’ (HDOs) executive and technical teams and provides guidance on risk management, compliance and operational security best practices. It provides HDOs access to the full set of [redacted] capabilities, including incident response, threat intelligence and attacker pursuit. [redacted]’s Incident Response teams act with urgency to ensure HDOs maintain quality patient care, ensure continuity of billing operations, protect patient records from loss, and more.

“We fully understand that when lives are on the line because of a cyberattack — whether from insider threats or ransomware —- every moment counts,” said Matt Georgy, chief technology officer of [redacted]. “This drives our mission to work intimately with our health care clients as partners. It’s a privilege to partner with the AHA as a preferred cybersecurity provider.”



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