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Redjack Unveils Groundbreaking Cyber Resilience Platform, Revolutionizing Asset Inventory and Risk Management

Redjack, a cyber resilience solutions provider, has announced the launch of its cyber resilience platform. This new approach shifts the focus to a business function lens on asset inventory, enabling organizations to prioritize cybersecurity, compliance, and digital transformation efforts by providing a comprehensive view of assets and dependencies in the context of their business functions.

For the first time, organizations can gain insight into the complete picture of assets and dependencies, allowing them to identify the two-thirds of assets in a business function that are typically overlooked by traditional approaches. This newfound visibility enables organizations to develop robust plans for information security, business continuity, disaster recovery, digital modernization, and more, instilling confidence in their cyber resilience posture and documenting compliance for regulators.

Justine Bone, Chief Product Officer at Redjack, emphasized the significance of this new approach: "Even the best cyber asset inventory tools out there still miss 20% of total assets. This shadow IT leaves the organization vulnerable to cyberattacks and creates a risk of system failures due to unknown dependencies."

The platform leverages unique, highly scalable sensor technology used by Redjack’s large public and private sector enterprise customers for over a decade. The non-intrusive sensor software captures objective communications data across on-premises, cloud, virtualization, and container environments to discover the complete set of an organization’s assets and connections. The platform incorporates data science and scoring to help organizations map assets to business functions and pinpoint potential risks.

Greg Virgin, CEO of Redjack, highlighted the platform's pioneering capabilities: "Redjack's software sensors and data science capabilities were pioneering when first introduced, building an evidence-based IT asset inventory far ahead of its time. Now, enterprises uniquely gain unparalleled depth of network communications analysis mapped to business functions – a powerful capability for cyber resilience that no other provider offers."

Christina Cravens, Chief Growth Officer at Redjack, underscored the platform's differentiators: "Data aggregators have not demonstrated that they provide accurate and complete asset inventories. In contrast, our sensors verify that the aggregators' data is flawed, and our understanding of the relationships and dependencies between assets allows our customers to make practical use of the data. Redjack is not just a cybersecurity tool for the CISO. Unlike typical tools, we provide data that helps align stakeholders on business priorities and address multiple use cases across the enterprise."

Looking ahead, Redjack plans to release enhanced scoring and reporting features, along with direct integration with other tools in the enterprise, providing organizations with even greater insight and control over their digital landscape.


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