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RSAC Insights: Dave Cole, CEO, Open Raven

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

This is part of an ongoing executive guest blog series -- focused on top trends for RSAC 2020.

Dave Cole, CEO, Open Raven

“I wouldn’t be surprised if we see conversations at RSA centered around the massive data exposure problem currently making headlines, why they are happening and what organizations can do to get their data hygiene in order. As part of this, we’ll likely learn how technologies like machine learning are being used to help organizations accurately classify what type of data and how much of it they have, and most importantly, where that data resides.

These conversations need to happen. Of the 8.5 billion records breached in 2019, 7 billion of those were due to misconfigured cloud servers and other improperly configured systems. And it’s not slowing up any time soon. Just two months into 2020 we saw the personal voter registry details of nearly 6.5 million Israelis exposed after a huge file was uploaded to the Elector voting app and a software error in Denmark's government tax portal accidentally exposed the personal identification numbers for over a million Danish citizens.

The fact of the matter is accidental data exposures have damaging consequences. Not only are individual lives impacted by the public exposure of personal and sensitive information, but jobs could be lost, too – someone is usually held accountable when such a leak happens, and more often than not that accountability results in job termination. That’s why now is the right time for organizations to start taking their data hygiene seriously.”

More information about Open Raven:

Open Raven is the modern data security platform that brings visibility and control to an organization’s data protection program. From mapping data stores in clouds and corporate networks to identifying the data within, Open Raven lays the foundation for assessing and managing data risk. Deployed within minutes within an organization’s network, the platform is designed so that discovery, query and response capabilities can be readily extended to match the most complex and demanding environments. Connect with Open Raven on Twitter or LinkedIn.


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