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SecurityAdvisor Offers MSSPs and VARs Security Training and Coaching Platform Proven to Reduce Risk

SecurityAdvisor today announced that its patented personalized security coaching platform is now available to channel partners, including MSSPs, MSPs, and VARs. As the only real-time, personalized security awareness platform that delivers a measurable reduction in security incidents, the new channel program provides partners with the opportunity to further advance their position as a trusted advisor for delivering next-generation, cutting-edge security services.

SecurityAdvisor’s training platform delivers personalized coaching that quantifiably changes human behavior and reduces security incidents by teaching individual users how to identify and avoid cyberattacks in real-time. The platform integrates easily with existing security infrastructure and can leverage telemetry to deliver real-time coaching when employees engage in risky behaviors. Behavior analytics and machine learning create in-depth reporting and dashboards that measure the ROI and effectiveness of training initiatives. SecurityAdvisor’s solution positively influences user behavior and empowers employees to be the best asset to a company’s security posture. SecurityAdvisor’s partner program enables MSSPs, MSPs and VARs to deliver the only next gen behavior change platform designed to curb cyber risk at the human level.

“Many businesses inundated with the technical requirements of supporting and protecting employees within a hybrid workplace have difficulty committing time and resources to cybersecurity training,” said Chris Stolley, CRO of SecurityAdvisor. “Unfortunately, cybercriminals are pouncing on this situation and targeting employees with an ever-increasing volume of sophisticated, highly customized social engineering, phishing, credential theft, and malware-based attacks. SecurityAdvisor is the only security training solution available to VARs and MSSPs that addresses the human attack surface, measurably improving users’ online behaviors and that offers one-click integration with CrowdStrike, Palo Alto Networks, SentinelOne, Netskope, and other industry-leading enterprise technology providers and their marketplaces.”

With more than 3.5 million unfilled cybersecurity jobs globally, many businesses rely on VARs and MSSPs to protect their critical data and employees from cyberattacks. In fact, 77% of cybersecurity spending is expected to be devoted to externally managed security services by 2026. SecurityAdvisor's ability to deliver contextual educational content to workers during 'teachable moments' quantifiably improves organizational security. Using SecurityAdvisor’s platform, organizations:

  • Reduced overall security incidents by 70%

  • Reduced email phishing attacks by more than 50%

  • Lowered endpoint malware detections by more than 90%

  • Cut web violations in half

  • Decreased removable media incidents by more than 90%

“Security training is something that every organization invests in, but only a few do well,” said Defy Security CEO Chris Scanlan. “SecurityAdvisor is a great option for businesses with a decentralized workplace that need to protect both remote and office workers, allowing channel partners to capitalize on the shift in security awareness training from lengthy, in-person seminars and courseware to contextual microlessons that facilitate permanent human behavior change. It’s a highly effective, lightweight security training solution that helps security leaders secure and gain visibility into the human side of their security posture.”

The SecurityAdvisor Partner Program is designed to build a collaborative long-lasting relationship with its partners and optimize their joint selling potential. Some benefits of the SecurityAdvisor Partner program include:

  • Rich pricing discounts and aggregated tiering

  • Flexible billing with options for annual subscriptions or monthly usage-based models

  • Easy to use with one-click security technology installations

  • Customizable platform that can designed to be fully brandable, along with multi-tenancy management capabilities

  • Deal regsitration and deal protection on qualified opportunities

  • Demand generation support through joint case studies, public relations, free trial offers, and other business building campaigns

Channel companies interested in learning more about SecurityAdvisor can visit our website for more information, request a trial, or join the program:



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